Component Cleaning

Broad capability portfolio – with a clean solution for every challenge.

Druckguss Westfalen’s clean die casting process is supplemented with two new cleaning systems that meet the special requirements of sectors such as the automotive industry and electrical engineering.

We guarantee technical cleanliness

Standards of technical cleanliness for aluminium die cast and zinc die cast components have risen considerably in recent years. This reflects increasing complexity in terms of technology and electronics across almost all industries.

Minimising organic residual contamination

When we produce parts such as the die cast casing for an automotive driver assist system, the contamination particle size must be smaller than 400 micrometres to rule out potential short circuits on the circuit boards. At Druckguss Westfalen we have comprehensively integrated these and even higher standards in relation to organic residual contamination with surface tensions exceeding 38 mNm (important for adhesion processes and surface coatings).

Clean production in the ‘blue room’

Our newly set out ‘blue room’, a separate cleaning section with airlocks and special flooring and walls, enables us to guarantee clean parts. Two advanced cleaning systems wash all parts, among other things using agents such as modified alcohols. For Druckguss Westfalen, a high quality part is not only a soundly designed and produced part: it must also be clean.