Casting Simulation

Unlocking the full potential of your ideas.

Druckguss Westfalen has the latest in-house technology to assist customers in die cast component design.

Casting simulation: From the idea to the market-ready product

This technology allows Druckguss Westfalen to eliminate weaknesses as early as possible – in fact, as early as the bid preparation stage. Even at this early stage, our casting process simulation is capable of showing whether or not a tool will work in practice.

Magmasoft: Top-level production optimisation

Before production starts, we simulate components using Magmasoft simulation software and then continue to design tools and optimise them in collaboration with the customer. The benefits to our customers speak for themselves: We can work highly efficiently right from the outset, thinking ahead with our full focus on the customer’s needs. This saves time and money. Finally, casting simulation makes it possible to optimise the process even before production starts and is therefore highly effective at saving resources. Sustainability is a central issue for Druckguss Westfalen.

Low-porosity and low-shrinkage casting guaranteed

By analysing the output from the casting simulation software, we can reduce faults and minimise casting defects such as porosity and shrinkage in the die cast component.

To achieve the best possible results, Druckguss Westfalen employees undergo regular, intensive training. We apply our experience and expertise to turn your idea into a market-ready product.