CNC Machining

Efficient solutions for complex geometries.

To produce complex geometries, we machine your parts using the latest CNC technology. The benefits of CNC machining speak for themselves: CNC processing is extremely cost-effective and highly efficient.

CNC machining for high-quality die cast components

The applicable CNC machining steps can be executed not only at high speed, but also with outstanding precision and replication accuracy.  As a result, CNC technology allows us to can handle even large production runs quickly, fully and cost-effectively.

The right machining centre for every need

We are now able to process customers’ components on no fewer than twelve advanced CNC machining centres. The form of processing applied to your components at each machining centre – drilling, turning, milling, or other operations – depends on your requirements and the size of the production run. We guarantee maximum processing depth with absolute precision machining and close drawing tolerances.

Focus on postprocessing

We apply all suitable means of trimming die cast components. Depending on the product, we use automated deburring, grinding, polishing, thermal and chemical deburring, blasting, and barrelling in an advanced continuous flow system. This ensures that your components have the optimum preparation for their subsequent use.

Our process philosophy is to apply as much handling as is needed for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.