Crafted in teamwork – and cast to last

Top-quality aluminium die cast and zinc die cast components required? No problem: Druckguss Westfalen and our sister company Druckguss Westfalen Behringer meet all die casting needs to demanding technical standards, from products featuring intricate details to thin-walled quality castings. High-quality surface finishing options are readily available on request.

Automotive, sanitation, mechanical engineering and more: Industry-wide capability portfolio

Our extensive knowhow is rooted in experience with a vast spectrum of different aluminium die casting and zinc die casting components. Products range from adapters to Z-fittings, from hydraulic pump cases to BMW rearview camera housings, from Rolls-Royce doorhandles to Bentley sunglasses cases. The wide variety of industries we serve demonstrate our success at satisfying diverse customer requirements in terms of engineering and finish, making effective and efficient use of advanced technologies such as CNC.

Compliance with rigorous electrical engineering standards

Druckguss Westfalen has expanded its portfolio in electrical engineering, including communications technology and medical engineering. The company meets the industry’s exacting clean component standards with its own separate cleaning unit featuring advanced cleaning systems. In this way, Druckguss Westfalen can guarantee very low residual contamination.

Top-class surface finishing

Druckguss Westfalen has further expertise in surface finishing. From paint and powder coating right through to decorative electroplating: working with a range of partners, we deliver all common finishes. The benefits speak for themselves: We take responsibility for the entire supply chain, so you have one single point of contact for all requirements.

We are only happy when you are 100% satisfied. Use our experience for your products.

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