Right on spec, right on time – every time.

Just-in-time (JIT) production makes for outstanding efficiency across all business processes – including our logistics function.

JIT for maximum efficiency

JIT allows us to maintain a smooth material and information flow along the entire length of the supply chain. The outcome is reduced working capital requirements and shorter lead times. The greatest benefit is to our customers, while we also gain in terms of our internal control processes.

Practical, cost-effective logistics

Our logistics system is strictly requirements-driven, making it exceptionally efficient and cost-effective. All related information flows are digitally integrated using EDI, including web EDI. In inventory management we aim for a practical balance with customer needs. To this end we operate a practical consignment warehouse for rapid and easy implementation of the Kanban process and optimum material flow.

Ready for every eventuality

To provide ample storage for components, our modern high-rack warehouse has space for 3000 box pallets. This enables us to guarantee reliable delivery for customers in all weather conditions.