Design & Development

Sophisticated innovations, and ideas made to last.

Die cast component optimisation at Druckguss Westfalen means fine-tuning our customers’ components in terms of process performance and quality.

Component optimisation is a key element of our approach

Right from the design phase, we work towards maximum economy in manufacture of the end product. Our over 50 years of experience go into the development of every new tool and part. We can also draw on our advanced machine park and extensive knowhow in component optimisation.

CAD: Professional design software for the highest standards

The latest CAD programs help us perfect your components for the best results in die casting.  You tell us your ideas, and our experts at Druckguss Westfalen will implement them in virtual form using the latest and most sophisticated software applications before creating the new part in reality using our machines and casting equipment.

Casting process simulation using Magmasoft plays a key part in ensuring the high quality of all our die cast products. What counts for us most of all is working in close consultation with the customer at every stage from the start of design and development right through to the finished product.

Ask us about a solution for prototype and sample components – we will be pleased to assist.
We look forward to helping you turn your ideas into reality.