Protecting the planet: Impressive environmental credentials

Environmental protection is a top priority for us because we are highly conscious of our responsibility to the environment and future generations.

Responsible energy management integrated in all operations

Resource-saving manufacture with optimised processes, computer-assisted production system energy monitoring to prevent leaks and wastage, and better-insulated, low-maintenance dosing furnaces are just a few examples of how Druckguss Westfalen targets operational energy efficiency and works constantly to achieve lasting reductions in energy consumption. DIN ISO 50001 certification for our energy management systems is a logical consequence.

Environmental management: Sustainability in action

Our environmental measures include air purity, noise reduction and waste recycling. Did you know that many of the aluminium alloys we use in casting are sourced from recycled aluminium products? In this way, the ore originally taken from the ground along with process energy ‘stored’ in the metal are given a new, valuable use, with no compromise on material quality.

ECOPROFIT: Prize-winning performance

In 2014, Druckguss Westfalen was selected ECOPROFIT Germany Company of the Year, having met the necessary operational environmental protection requirements. We are delighted with the award, which shows that we are on the right track – with a highly trained, environmentally conscious workforce and customers who care about environmental protection.