Druckguss Westfalen: Versatility and Focus

As a family firm, we have focused constantly on quality at Druckguss Westfalen for more than 50 years – and since 2016 additionally in cooperation with our sister company Druckguss Westfalen Behringer.

High-end: Aluminium and zinc die cast products for the premium segment

Rooted in tradition and strong capital investment, we are one of the most innovative and versatile foundries in Germany. Druckguss Westfalen’s state-of-the-art machine park supports a comprehensive capability portfolio. Equipped with highly advanced technology, we are able to respond very flexibly to customer needs and stay ahead of the competition. This benefits our customers in a wide variety of industries, from automotive and electrical engineering to sanitation, mechanical engineering and furniture.

Premium segment zinc die casting is the speciality of our sister company Druckguss Westfalen Behringer. Our foundry in Velbert boasts an extensive capability portfolio and combines full service with precision in zinc die casting. The result: high-quality, sophisticated zinc die cast components for all industries.

All-rounders: From casting simulation to surface finishing

In-house technology ranging from casting simulation and surface finishing to CT and X-ray analysis allows us to deliver optimum product quality. We offer the great benefit of being a one-stop foundry, serving your needs across the entire cycle from development to assembly. In this way, we meet the needs and expectations of many of our customers with ready-to-fit standard metal components.

Customer focus: From consulting to delivery

In everything we do, we value direct and straightforward contact with customers. Consulting begins at Druckguss Westfalen in the development phase and does not end until the customer is happy with the finished product. As well as in high quality and advanced technology, our high standards are reflected in cost-effectiveness, technical cleanliness, and an outstandingly efficient logistics centre for reliable on-time delivery. Environmental protection and recycling are integral to all of our processes.

The basis of our quality approach is our highly motivated, broad-based team. Druckguss Westfalen: Passion for Die Casting.